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"IOCOMSA" is now "IOCOM"

By postmaster - Posted on 01 September 2011

The Management Council is pleased to announce that the name of the organization has been changed to the International Organization for Collaborative Outcome Management or IOCOM. The name change follows numerous requests from members to make the organization more representative and to give it a more global, rather than a regional perspective.

To all of our members in South Asia, IOCOM will remain as active and as interested in the issues related to South Asia as always. One of the immediate benefits of this name change to our existing members is that more interested individuals from all regions of the world will be encouraged to join. This will expand our collective networks and increase the sharing of ideas and solutions with fellow members around the world. Members in all regions will benefit from the broader exchange of information. A strong reflection of IOCOM’s global outreach is the fact that we now have members in over forty countries. With the name change, we expect this to expand significantly.

We trust you will support this decision and continue to reach out to your colleagues wherever they may be located, to become a member of IOCOM.

Thank you.

Secretary General, IOCOM