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IOCOM Celebrates its 11th Anniversary

By postmaster - Posted on 23 February 2020

Dear Members and Friends of IOCOM,

Greetings! Today we celebrate the 11th anniversary of the International Organization for Collaborative Outcome Management (IOCOM). The year of our tenth anniversary, 2020, was a very difficult one indeed, as we battled the COVID-19 pandemic and the unprecedented impacts and adverse outcomes of the resulting deaths, social isolation, mental health issues and economic disruptions worldwide. We can only hope that the pandemic will eventually be controlled and eradicated through appropriate public health control measures, our disciplined behaviours and vaccines. You as professionals could make a difference in our fight against this COVID-19 crisis.

Thank you for your contributions and being part of this journey which marked its beginning in 2010. I am glad to report that today the family of IOCOM members has grown to 876 members. IOCOM now has country and regional representatives in more than 80 countries. This past decade was one of foundation, networking and expansion. This coming decade will be one of transition from a social network to a truly business entity supported by revenue streams to serve you better.

As you know, we publish the quarterly IOCOM Digest & Dialogue (IDD) - an international e-journal of outcome management. The IDD, IOCOM’s flagship, is entering its seventh year of publication. It is an open access journal; all previous and current issues are available at The IDD is starting this year with the theme “The United Nations General Assembly declaration of 2021 – 2030 the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration”. The Decade, a much needed global call to action, will mobilize political support, scientific research and financial muscle to massively scale up restoration projects that impact the outcomes of climate change.

This milestone allows me to recognize the tremendous contributions made by the Editor-in-Chief, Atiq ur Rehman, and his team of editors, John Flanders and Susanne Moehlenbeck, and all the members of the Editorial Advisory Board.

Thank you for contributing and reading articles. I hope that many of you prepare articles for the forthcoming issues of the journal. Your ideas and suggestions will also be welcomed.

Let me also remind you that IOCOM will continue to focus on the four priorities in our Strategic Waves Plan (2020-21-2022-23):
a) Strategic Priority #1: Financial Security & Sustainability
b) Strategic Priority #2: IOCOM Leadership in professional connectivity worldwide,
c) Strategic Priority #3: Capacity building based on membership needs
d) Strategic Priority #4: Excellence and innovation in Governance/Management

We aim to develop a number of revenue streams to sustain the financial viability of IOCOM. Most importantly, IOCOM has developed a membership fee policy for implementation. The fee structure is a modest one when compared to other professional organizations in the world. IOCOM consulting services is another potential revenue stream. A consulting policy document has been developed and will be ready for implementation this year. We would need the services of experts in various fields as we plan to establish a registry of IOCOM consultants. We will be sending out a call letter. If you are interested in listing yourself as a consultant with IOCOM, please respond with your registrations.

Another initiative is to aggressively pursue a sponsorship marketing campaign to support the IDD and membership activities. The Board thanks our sole corporate sponsor, Symbiotic International Consulting Services (SICS) of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, for its financial contribution to maintain our website since its inception in November 2009, as well as for SICS’s payment of IOCOM incorporation fees and annual registration fees to Industry Canada.
At this point in time, we need to expand our network vertically and horizontally. Each member must play a more active role by inviting other professionals to join the IOCOM network and by launching activities on the ground, such as arranging webinars and panel discussions, promoting the IDD, and so on.

For greater connectivity, we plan to transition to a TeamApp based tool to connect our members and a new web site. More information about this App and our transition plans will be communicated through our regular broadcasts. We also plan to activate our communications strategy including IOCOM Twitter, Facebook and Linked-in accounts.

IOCOM is greatly indebted to Raymond Peterkin, a founding member who engineered the design of our website and continues to enhance and maintain the webpage as a valuable asset for our members. He is currently working with Board member Errol Goetsch in transitioning our web requirements using a new TeamApp tool and a new website.

Thanks to Ray and Errol, IOCOM will become the first association in the global outcomes field to have a mobile app, especially one linked to a dynamic web page. May this be the first of our many successes as we enter a new era.

Capacity building (CB) is another potential area to benefit members. CB strategies include hosting regional Outcome Management virtual conferences in Africa, Asia and North America to allow members to participate in these events and to renew the network.

As many of you are aware, IOCOM is a Canadian-registered, not-for-profit corporation with a secretariat based in Ottawa, Canada. Given the diverse geographic locations and time zones of our Board members, IOCOM meetings and most other business are conducted virtually.

At the annual general meeting in October 2020, IOCOM’s Board was renewed with six new board members from Africa, South Asia and South East Asia. We thank our past board members for their services and welcome the new board members as leaders. IOCOM continues to seek volunteers to take on leadership roles in various countries, especially Europe and South America. As part of our extended governance and management team, we are continuing to recruit new Country Reps while renewing the commitment of our existing CRs in Asia and Africa. We have also strengthened regional governance and management teams in South Asia and Africa to better serve our members.

We invite you to play more active role in the activities of IOCOM. Your contributions in any form will be appreciated and acknowledged. Be an active partner of IOCOM.

With best wishes,

Sandiran (Sandi) Premakanthan,
IOCOM President/Chair, and the IOCOM Board of Directors