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IOCOM Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

By postmaster - Posted on 23 February 2020

Dear Members and Friends of IOCOM,

I am delighted to share with you the news that we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the launch of the International Organization for Collaborative Outcome Management (IOCOM).
Yes, 2020 marks our 10th year in existence. Together, we have built the organization to include over 850 members in 83 countries in every corner of the globe. We could not have reached this milestone without your on-going support.

With Board members, Regional and Country representatives from many parts of the world, IOCOM has become a truly international organization that incorporates ideas and perspectives from a host of professionals in the academic, governmental, non-profit, business and STEM worlds. This is the essence of true collaboration.

As many of you are aware, IOCOM is a Canadian-registered, not-for-profit corporation with a secretariat based in Ottawa, Canada. Given the diverse geographic locations and time zones of our Board members, IOCOM meetings and most other business are conducted virtually.
IOCOM continues to search for volunteers to take on leadership roles in various countries, especially in Europe and South America. We are continuing to recruit new Country Reps and renewing the commitment of our existing CRs in Asia and Africa.

IOCOM’s quarterly journal, the IOCOM Digest & Dialogue (IDD), has been reaching decision makers around the world. The IDD features articles on important business ecosystems themes related to government, non-government, leadership & management, health, education, digital technologies, management oversight disciplines audit and evaluation, supply chain, learning & innovation, Financial , accounting & banking, agriculture and so on, and is a great source of knowledge transfer. The well-researched articles are written by experts from different parts of the world. We invite you to read the articles and send us your comments. We also welcome your ideas on how to improve the IDD.

This occasion allows me to recognize the tremendous contributions made by the Editor-in-Chief, Atiq ur Rehman, and his team of editors, John Flanders and Susanne Moehlenbeck, and all the members of the Editorial Advisory Board.

It is with great pride that we announce these accomplishments and truly look forward to your active participation. With a globally-diverse membership, we encourage you to reach out to your Country and Regional representatives and fellow IOCOM members, whether to seek advice, offer suggestions or just introduce yourself. I urge you to log-on to your web account, send a message and be connected. We are in the process of renewing the IOCOM website to be more dynamic to your needs.

IOCOM will continue to focus on the four priorities in our Strategic Waves Plan (2018-19-2020-21):
a) Strategic Priority #1: Financial security and sustainability
b) Strategic Priority #2: IOCOM leadership in professional connectivity worldwide
c) Strategic Priority #3: Capacity building based on membership needs
d) Strategic Priority #4: Excellence and innovation in governance/management

Given that IOCOM has been operating with no financial sources (except for web sponsorship), the organization will need to develop new sources of funding to ensure its on-going sustainability. The Board will now move forward to develop a strategy to provide management consulting advisory services, including capacity building professional development/training. A policy, terms of reference, protocols and guidelines are being developed and will be shared with members once they are finalized.

Most importantly, IOCOM will finally introduce a membership fee later this year. A team of Board members is working on a proposed fee structure that will not be financially burdensome on members. It will highlight the benefits of IOCOM membership. The structure will take into account the different categories of members (for example, students) and ensure that members are notified well in advance of the new fees.

In the area of capacity building, IOCOM is focusing on membership expansion through targeted goals, on the national, regional and country levels. In addition, a memorandum of understanding (MOU) has been established to enhance the website to make it more dynamic and enhance inter-activity. Another MOU is also being developed with an African educational institution to jointly offer conferences, courses and workshops. Also, IOCOM’s flagship IDD continues to promote IOCOM and membership expansion.

IOCOM has also successfully implemented strong regional governance and management structures that are linked to the Country Representative networks in different regions of the world. This, together with strong Board representation, will ensure that IOCOM has a well-considered succession planning system in place.

We sincerely appreciate your on-going support and contributions to IOCOM. Let’s make our 10th anniversary a year of global collaboration.

I take this opportunity to thank the current founder Board members, Kunzang Lhamu, Dr. Ishwar Awasthi, Prabin Chitrakar, Secretary-General Zicky Hammud, current and past Board members and founder members for their continued leadership and support.

IOCOM is greatly indebted to Raymond Peterkin, a founder member who engineered the design of our website and continues to enhance and maintain the webpage to be of value to our members. He is working with the web developer Mark Paul who is also a member from Australia in implementing the requirements to make the web dynamic, interactive and user friendly. Thank you Ray and Mark.

I am also grateful to the general membership and our extended governance and management and country representative network in sustaining IOCOM and its activities worldwide.
IOCOM is looking forward to its second decade to serve you better.

Thank you.
Sandiran (Sandi) Premakanthan,
IOCOM President/Chair