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About Us

What is IOCOM?

IOCOM is a Canadian not-for-profit Corporation of professionals, academia and an alliance of international, regional and national organizations including associations, societies and networks engaged in the disciplines of business ecosystems based outcome (results chain) and/or benefit management. IOCOM was launched on 28th January 2010 and incorporated in Canada on 28th September 2012.

The organization is managed by a board of directors duly elected at annual general meetings in accordance with the by-laws. IOCOM management and governance structure is supported by a network of country and regional representatives.

Please visit our website at and and join.

IOCOM is open to academics, professionals and organizations from social sciences and humanities, natural and physical sciences, applied sciences and other related disciplines who are contributing to organizational and societal outcomes (results chain) and/ or benefits to

  • create a forum for the exchange of useful and high quality theories, methodologies and effective practice in outcome and or benefit management,
  • make use of our resources, participate in our initiatives; and
  • contribute to our strategic objectives (goals) and outcomes (results chain) and /or benefit management as individuals or through their organizations.

In addition we offer

  • global linkages to outcome and or benefit management professionals and organizations, news of events and important initiatives, and opportunities to exchange ideas, practices, and insights with peers and associations, societies and networks throughout the world at large, and
  • opportunities to writ articles in IOCOM’s flagship the quarterly e-journal Digest & Dialogue (IDD) about your professional experience in outcome (results chain) and /or benefit management


The vision is collaboration between professionals and organizations engaged in outcome (results chain) and /or benefit management to strengthen the theory and practice of the discipline in the world.
Stronger outcome (results chain) and/or benefit management theory and practice in the world through regional collaboration and partnership which foster the cross-fertilization of ideas, high professional standards and an open and global perspective among outcome (results chin) and /or benefit management professionals in the public private and not-for-profit management ecosystems and academia.


To elevate the status of the discipline of outcome (results chain) and/or benefit management in the world at large, support professionals, societies, associations or networks to facilitate their contribution to good governance driven by the quest for evidence informed decision making and strengthen the role of civil society.